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Garage Door Repair

Repairing a garage door is not something to be taken lightly. While some repairs can be fairly simple, many parts on doors and openers can lead to serious injury or even death. Our technicians take safety for themselves and our customers very seriously. When your door breaks you will have to decide whether you can repair it yourself or you need to call us in. If doing it yourself, remember, we carry a full line of repair parts, professional quality and are happy to explain the basics.

We service all makes of doors and openers. common repairs include:

Spring replacement, section replacement, general service, weather seal installation and replacement, opener safety reverse testing, remote control/keypad programming, and repairing damage to sections caused by openers. If you are unsure what type of repair you need, consider sending us a picture via email, we will identify the problem if possible and discuss options/costs.

If you need to place a service call, be ready to provide us with as much info as you can. The typical questions we might ask you are:

  • What seems to be the problem
  • How big is the door
  • What type of spring system do you have (extension/stretch or torsion)
  • What brand of door and opener do you have (we service all makes)
  • What is your availability

If you can answer these questions we can give you a fairly accurate estimate of costs. Our trucks are stocked with a wide variety of parts so we are ready to do most repairs right away. If we need a part not on the truck we never charge for extra trips, that's just not good business. From spring repairs to broken openers to weatherstripping, give us a call and see what we can do for you. 410-398-1155.