Frequently Asked Questions

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Why won't my door close?

Since 1993, every garage door with an opener has been equipped with safety eyes. These are two small units that sit close to the floor on either side of the door opening. Each unit projects a thin laser to the opposite unit. When the laser is disrupted, the door will not close.

You should try wiping the lenses of the eyes clean and also making sure that they are facing each other in a straight line.

Why did my remote stop working?

Oftentimes, frequent use of a remote will result in rapid drain of its battery. Fixing a non-functional remote could be as easy as replacing the battery.

You may need to reprogram the remote to your opener after this procedure.

What information do you need for a broken torsion spring?

We need the following dimensions if you have a broken torsion spring:

  • Size of the door
  • What the door is made of (is it insulated or non-insulated)
  • What is the inside diameter of the spring
  • What is the length of the spring with the ends
  • What is the length of 10 coils (in inches)

Why is my garage door opening on its own?

Is your garage door opening and closing on its own? If so, there’s nothing spooky about this — in fact there are several potential causes, including the following:

  • The button on one of your transmitters (the wall control, keypad or remote controls) is stuck.
  • The opener’s limit setting needs to be adjusted.
  • There’s an issue with the control wiring or the electric circuits.

Why is my garage door so loud?

It can be extremely annoying and disruptive to have a garage door that bangs, squeaks, and shrieks. Moreover, these noises may be the sign of a serious issue. That noise that you view as part of your home’s character may be potentially dangerous. Let’s look at the most common reasons a garage door is noisy:

  1. Lack of lubrication on moving parts.  Lube all moving parts with a non-silicon spray.
  2. Loose nuts and bolts
  3. Tracks are not properly aligned
  4. Broken spring
  5. Worn out weather strip
  6. Dysfunctional garage door opener